Life Stories

I am Alfred's aunt by marriage. His family and some friends here in Atlanta called him Lamar but I preferred to call him Alfred and he let me. His mother, Jeanette Love, his youngest sister, Veronica Love, and his stepfather, George C Love preceded him in death. He cared about his sisters very much. When he was just a young boy and remember him trying to care for them. His uncle and I would help him as we were in our mid teens and could do a bit more than he could. He really cared about his sisters.
Not long ago he called me and asked if I had any pictures of his family. He wanted to show them to his children. He was proud of his children and grandchildren and always sent me pictures. I still have a picture of his kids he sent me when they were little. I was so happy to see that he had put some of the pictures I sent him on his facebook page. I was looking forward to seeing him the last week of July. He always visited his aunt Dorothy, aunt Betty, and I whenever he came to Alabama to his sister Georgia. I will miss him and our phone conversations.